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James Garcia

Great book!

I want to first say that this is a great book! Thank you! At first, when I heard and seen the price of the book I was unsure if I wanted to invest that much into a book, but I am so glad I did. That is because of the content the book covers and the companion app is amazing. The app in itself is worth the price of the book. I plan to use it as a reference to make my projects better. I was wondering how do you handle mobile applications for your projects?

  • Nick Haskins replied

    Thanks James, really glad to hear that!

    For mobile there's a couple ways that I approach it, depending on the project. In an ideal world, we should develop mobile first. This is to say, that the UI for example should be developed for small screens first, then progressively enhanced for desktop.

    But this approach really depends on the application. Some questions to ask yourself, does the app even make sense on mobile? If you have any historical data via Google Analytics, that can help to make that decision as well by checking how much traffic is done via mobile.

    For example, on CG Cookie (one of the apps I cover in the book) it's a learning platform, so the majority of users are on desktop. For this reason, I take a lighter approach, and that's by scaling the desktop UI down to mobile, as opposed to the other way around.

    Hope this helps!!


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    James Garcia replied

    Hi Nick, I wanted to thank you again for this great book. I have completed reading the book, and can't wait to implement the things I have learned. If this was in paperback the pages would definitely get worn out :D While I was reading through I found several typos and documented the ones I found. I wanted to know if it would be okay to share them with you? If so, please let me know how you want me to get them to you.

    Thank you,


  • Nick Haskins replied

    Hey James

    Absolutely! I'd be happy to get those, you can just email them over! nphaskins at gmail dot com