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Learn proven patterns and techniques as demonstrated on four production apps. Spend less time on tech and more time building a great customer experience.

Package includes a 270 page eBook in PDF format, and a fully functional Rails companion application.

What does the package include?

Your purchase includes a 270 page eBook, source code, updates for the life of the book, bonus access to the community forum, and a fully functional Rails app serving as both a companion to the eBook, and a starter template for all projects!

📘 270 page eBook (PDF format)

🎁 companion Rails app

🤓 source code

📥 updates for the life of the book

💬 bonus access to community forum

Tell me more about the Rails app!

Right, so I'm pretty excited to be able to offer this with the eBook. The app is a culmination of several years of first-hand experience building complex and interactive web applications. It's jam-packed with everything you need to launch your SaaS, and all of the topics discussed in the book can be referenced in the app.

🖌 Bootstrap 4

📑 Custom admin U.I.

👱 Customer accounts

💲 Recurring memberships

Stripe Connect

💬 Community forum

🖊 Traditional blog

🖼 Media handling via S3

✉️ Mailchimp for marketing

📝 Rich-text editing via Quill

🤓 JWT powered REST API

Still not convinced?

Read Service Objects section for free!