Pre-order the eBook package now ahead of it's release on April 13th, and save 40% off the launch pricing. Your pre-order won't contain any files. The book is mostly complete, currently sitting at 36,798 words and 190 pages.

When will it be ready?

  • March 30th - first draft completed
  • April 13th - second draft completed and available for download and feedback
  • April 27th - public release

What do I get for purchasing early?

Not only are you saving 40% off the launch price, you'll get early access to preview the second draft of the book, and will be able to provide feedback ahead ahead of the final release.

Your purchase will also go towards a professional editor and book cover.

What does the package include?

Your purchase includes (when available) a 130 page eBook, source code, updates for the life of the book, bonus access to the community forum, and a fully functional Rails app serving as both a companion to the eBook, and a starter template for all projects!

📘 130 page eBook (PDF, .mobi, .epub)

🎁 companion Rails app

🤓 source code

📥 updates for the life of the book

💬 bonus access to community forum

Tell me more about the Rails app!

Right, so I'm pretty excited to be able to offer this with the eBook. The app is a culmination of several years of first-hand experience building complex and interactive web applications. It's jam-packed with everything you need to launch your SaaS, and all of the topics discussed in the book can be referenced in the app.

🖌 Bootstrap 4

📑 Custom admin U.I.

👱 Customer accounts

💲 Recurring memberships

Stripe Connect

💬 Community forum

🖊 Traditional blog

🖼 Media handling via S3

✉️ Sendgrid for transactional emails

⚡️ Zapier integrations

✉️ Mailchimp for marketing

📝 Rich-text editing via Quill

🤓 JWT powered REST API

Still not convinced?

Read the Preface and the Service Files chapters for free!

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