A Ruby on Rails Playbook

Learn proven patterns and techniques as demonstrated on four production apps.

Spend less time on tech and more time building a great customer experience.

Package includes a 270 page eBook in PDF format, and a fully functional Rails companion application.

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270 Page eBook

We'll cover simple design patterns and techniques for features such as implementing Stripe, how to architect a multi-tenant SaaS app, supporting U.S. Sales Tax & V.A.T., building complex UI's, working with Turbolinks, and so much more.

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Rails Companion App

This isn't your run-of-the-mill sample app; it's a fully functional Rails application that you can use to put your project on the fast track to completion!

Table of Contents

What people are saying

"Nick's book is one of the best written books on Ruby on Rails I've seen in quite a while."

- Chris Oliver

"Just looking over the TOC and the sample chapter at the moment. This is one of the most nicely designed tech books I've seen in a long time. Can't wait to read the full thing."


"First of all, thanks for this book. I'm a junior rails dev working mainly in the e-commerce sector for retail and I have to say that it has been a great inspiration. The clear way in which it is exposed, with real examples and solutions reduced to the minimum possible. It has helped me strengthen concepts about service objects and the Single Responsibility Principle and how to work around them. Congratulations and I hope you continue to share this knowledge."

- Diego

"I bought when Nick opened up sales of the beta. Lots of great information on there and a nice code base to go along with it. Well worth the investment in yourself."

- Rob

"Loving Nick’s book. Great addition to the library, helped reinforce a few key concepts, and is a seriously great guide for bridging that “advanced beginner” gap that so many fall into. I love its emphasis on [simplified] tooling, simplicity, & shipping a great product."

- AD

Build Rails apps like a pro.

Stop over-complicating web dev and ship your idea faster.

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This is an excerpt from the Working with Turbolinks chapter in my book Playbo...

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