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Hongli Xu

Rails in real life

Hi Nick!

Thanks so much for bring this book. I just graduated from College and have been learning Rails since last year. But I found many difficulties. When I watch the tutorial videos online, it seems that few of them are in a production level app that have complex functionalities. Also, sometimes I felt discourage when I encountered a problem that I can't solve, and then I gave up. So the path of learning for me is not continuous and confident. I'm excited to read through this book and learn the real things!


Hongli from Toronto

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    Hongli Xu replied

    And one of my biggest problem is that I wrote too little code everyday. I need to write more and working hard.

  • Nick Haskins replied

    Hello Hongli!

    Thanks for picking up the book! I'm excited to hear what you think once you've had a chance to read through it. There's definitely no shortage of real-world patterns!

    And yep, writing code everyday is key!